Ep. 011 // Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy & Birth with Dr. Abby Lee

Dr. Abby Lee is the owner of Lee Wellness Chiropractic located in Fort Worth, Texas inside one of DFW's premier birth centers. She is also the founder of the holistic functional health site www.drabbylee.com and creator of the Research-backed Fertility course "Baby Body Ready."


Dr. Abby is passionate about taking care of women and believes that they deserve a higher level of care than what is the current standard in America. To improve care for women, Dr. Abby believes they must be listened to, educated on their own miraculous bodies, and believed in.


She specializes in prenatal care, in-labor chiropractic, and fascial release. Dr. Abby holds Webster Technique certification, Fascial Distortion Model certification, Active Release Techniques, and is currently training to be a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner. 


Dr. Abby is the mom to two beautiful little girls - with the last being born at home earlier this year. 


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