Ep. 014 // Birth In Focus with Erin Giron

The Birth In Focus Series

Are you a birth photographer who wants a sneak peek into the minds of your clients? Are you an expectant mom who is thinking about hiring a birth photographer, but you aren't sure if its right for you? This Series is FOR YOU!!

In this podcast series you'll hear the stories of brave women who chose to have the most sacred and intimate moments of childbirth professionally documented and their hearts behind their choice! You'll hear about the relationships they have developed with their photographers, any struggles they had along the way, and how they feel about their birth photos now!

Take a peak at the actual questions that I ask in the interview:

- Briefly share a summarized version of your birth story!

- When did you first learn about Birth Photography? 

- Why did you choose to have your birth photographed?

-How/Why did you choose the photographer that you chose?

-When you decided to have your birth documented, did you plan to show anyone your photos? & now after the fact, have you shared your birth photos with anyone?

-How do your birth photos make you feel? 

-Do you feel like your gallery is similar to what you remember from your birth?

-What would you tell to other women considering birth photography?


Birth Center : Fort Worth Birthing & Wellness Center

Photographer : Samantha Tollison