016 // Threads! Another Social Media App + Why You Should Be Using It!

I'm no expert...but I'm in the game!

Look at me - being on top of things and releasing a brand new episode about the brand new social media app known as Threads!

In this episode I share just a brief overview of what threads is, and all of the many reasons you should be trying it!! 

I am absolutely no expert and if i am being honest... I have like 150 followers (who came from Instagram) and I get basically zero engagement so far! However, I am trying It! I am doing something different, and that is what I challenge you to do in this episode!! 

Feel free to leave a review and let me know what you think!! 

Let’s talk about threads! 

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that your first thought about threads was…. Oh no not another platform/thing I have to do or figure out… and that’s okay! 

But honestly, threads is way too simple to not at least be trying it out and seeing how it can work for you! 

I don’t know how successful threads will be as a platform or for how long! But right now, it’s doing really well and everyone who is threading seems to be really enjoying it. 

So here are all the Reasons to join Threads + how to use it 

  1. It’s an app created by Instagram + a lot of its features are similar and the process of joining threads is incredibly simple because you can just move everything from instagram over - from your handle to all of your followers. You don’t have to start from 0. You can block people. You can mute people. You can even set up “hidden” words. So if there are certain topics that you know right away that you don’t want to see - you can add it to your list of hidden words. 
  2. Good marketers go where the attention is. This doesn’t mean that you should jump right in and start selling. I don’t think that’s going to work. At least not right now. We don’t want to turn threads into Instagram. So don’t come in and ruin the vibe. 
  3. It’s an opportunity to reintroduce yourself - you can venture out from your current norm on Instagram and try something new 
  4. I’m seeing a lot people saying that they are showing up “spicy” “unfiltered” or “unhinged” - so maybe you don’t want to reintroduce yourself entirely - maybe you’re just wanting to show up in a different way. Then this is your opportunity. 
  5. It’s not curated - so there is less pressure to be perfect or to be stuck in one niche - you can even clear your threads on a regular basis to avoid establishing any patterns or anything 
  6. It’s a place to be YOURSELF not your business. Build relationships purely based on conversation and things you have in common. Threads is heavily focused on community. This will help you to further build trust with your current following as you grow a new one & trust is currency on social media. 
  7. You don’t have to show up face to camera & this is HUGE for a lot of people. I know that so many people avoid or procrastinate when it comes to social media because they don’t want to show their faces or talk to their camera - threads is a copy/written word based app - the focus is on conversation rather than photos or videos. This can come with its own challenges too in that you have to put more effort into what you say to grab attention. Bold & funny tend get the attention on threads. 
  • There are no rules - post as much as you want. Clear your threads whenever you want. Try something new. Do something different. Start right now. It’s way too easy not to. 

So what’s going to do well on threads?! 

Authenticity, humor, vulnerability & boldness. Short & to the point. Focus on replies and Re-threads. 

What I don’t think is going to work on threads: sales and education. I just don’t think anyone wants anything heavy. We’re all here to have fun and share our hearts. 

Now I’m gonna share a little bit about how I’m personally using threads so far… 

How I’m using threads: 

I have 2 strategies… 

  1. I use it to just post a random thought, quote, feeling etc in the moment - when it happens. Kinda like a diary of sorts. 
  2. I have a note in my phone where I am keeping a list of topics that I want to balance between like Birth, My faith, motivational quotes, and random things that I like. I have a code for which ideas/posts fall under which category. 
  3. Witty & inspirational content are going to the best, so take the normal things that you want to talk about, but sprinkle them with something a little extra & have a little bit more fun on threads.