Birth & Oils? 

Using Essential Oils during birth can be super helpful! They can be used for emotional, physical and Spiritual support through your labor. Using Essential Oils during your labor could enhance the overall emotional experience, as well as be effective natural remedies for the natural processes of labor.

A few of the most common oils I see used by my clients are: 

Peppermint - can ease feelings of nausea  

Lavender - known for its calming support

Frankincense - promotes feelings of relaxation and tranquility, may support overall well-being, & Rubbing on lower back and abdomen can ease labour discomfort.

Purification - cleanses the air of unwanted odors

Valor - inspires confidence and grounding

Clary Sage - a few drops on your inner ankles can make more effective contractions and help with the process of labour. Great for a labour pain soother.

Jasmine Oil – evokes feeling of joy, happiness, peace and self- confidence. Can be used as a massage oil.

Are you interested in using Essential Oils in your labor, but not sure how they work?

Let's go over some basics!

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquid harvested from plants, herbs, and trees, which are carefully steam distilled or cold pressed. These pure, precious oils are more potent than the botanicals from which they’re extracted and contain powerful, concentrated health and wellness benefits. 

There are three ways to use Essential Oils:

Topically, Aromatically, and Internally.

You can use a diffuser to enjoy Essential Oils aromatically & to cleanse the air in your birth space.

You can place a drop of an Essential Oil on a cotton swab to enjoy aromatically and experience the benefits. Example - put a drop of Peppermint on a swab and place it in the emesis bag (aka puke bag) to sniff when feeling nausea. You can place a drop of Valor & Lavender on a cotton swab and rest it on your chest during a c-section to create feelings of confidence and peace, as well as cover up some of the medical odors involved in the surgery.

Why i recommend Young Living Essential OIl:

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For nearly 30 years, Young Living has set the industry standard for delivering the highest quality essential oils on earth. Young Living's Founder D. Gary Young developed the five-step Seed to Seal® sourcing standards, insisting on premium quality at every stage. They audit every supplier to make sure they comply with our rigorous criteria and maintain our exacting methods throughout every stage of the process.

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What other Women are saying about oils in Birth...

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"I diffused Joy, Lavender, and Peace & Calming - But I almost fell asleep while I was in labor. I used Deep Relief on my back when the discomfort started to kick in back there. Jasmine and Clary Sage helped to get things moving. I used Frankincense on baby after birth."

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