Finally Walking in my Calling

The WHY behind my Birth Work! 

I don’t talk about this nearly as often as I should! But I want to share my heart because it’s a HUGE driving factor behind all that I do and all I create. It’s the reason I jump out of bed with excitement in the morning and ready to start my day. I am passionate about Birth Photography & telling your birth story in an authentic & raw way that captures all of the many ups & downs, the joy & the pain, the power & the vulnerability. 

When my passion for birth first struck a chord with me. I was just a little girl who had a BIG dream of becoming an OB/GYN who specialized in pregnancies of multiples - cue my obsession with TLC's A Baby Story… 

Eventually I realized that the medical field wasn’t going to be for me (I have an intense fear of needles. 😰) 

Years later, I was in college getting my degree in Family Studies. I guess you could say my passion for babies & motherhood hadn’t changed a bit. I was pursuing what I felt like was a degree in “Motherhood” because that was my only plan in life… to be a mom. While I enjoyed most of my classes, something was still missing. I didn’t want to be a social worker, or child advocate(not that I wouldn’t love that work - it just didn’t set my soul on 🔥) 

I had an assignment that required an interview and lead me to a local birth center, Inana. I interviewed the midwife & owner and was immediately hooked into the birth world. I knew this was where I belonged. If only I had learned of the possibilities of birth work before I was eye ball deep into a college degree & facing a divorce at the age of 22. 

I spun every college assignment from then on to fit into the birth world somehow some way because I was completely hooked. I attended birth classes with clients of local birth centers, and went on to intern & volunteer with Woman to Woman PRC and Embrace Grace. Basically, if it included an expecting mama, I was there. 

#adulting comes with mistakes and tough decisions, which kept me from pursing my dreams for a lot longer than it should. 

I bought my first camera in April of 2018 and captured my first birth stories in 2020. It wasn’t until April of 2021 that I took my Birth Photography full-time & will never look back! I have so much love for this work and I am so blessed to walk in my calling! The best part is… I’m just getting started. 

Now, this all may sound super sappy, but that my friend, is why I love what I do! ❤️