Flourish Mock Birth

Being a birth worker is Special...

But YOU are unique!

A Mock (or staged) birth is an opportunity to get high quality photos of YOU doing all of the many things that you do to support expecting families and laboring moms.

How many times has someone asked you what you do and you just wish you could show them?

How often are you introducing yourself on social media??

Is your profile picture a logo?

It is so important to keep updated, high quality photos of YOU for your website and social media sites.

Your clients need to connect with YOU to see your value.

If you're here then you are probably either new to birth work and looking to start off with great photos, or you're an experienced birth worker seriously lacking in the photo department... noo matter what brought you here - I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU.

You are going to leave this experience with beautiful photos to market YOU and your value as well as at least one new birthy friend!!

How It Works:

You'll participate in a 15-20 minute session with models where I will help to stage you in common birth support positions like applying hip squeezes, offering water, massage, checking vitals, teaching and more. (Poses are based on profession + services offered)

What To Wear:

Wear whatever you would normally wear to support a mom in labor (or to a class/training session).

What's Included:

  • 15 photos of YOU - "working" + headshots
  • The opportunity to meet & network with other birth workers

How Much it Costs:

$200.00 + sales tax


Friday July 15th

10:00 - 12:00

(Please plan for the 16th as a makeup day in case of a birth)


Flourish Birth & Wellness

4061 Kirkpatrick Ln Ste. 110

Flower Mound Tx 75028

Important** - You must tag BOTH @samanthatollisonbirth & @flourishbirthcenter in the photos (not the caption) when you share them on social media.

Birth Worker Sign Up

Apply To Be A Model

What we are needing in a model...

  • Must be 34-38 weeks pregnant (4) OR less than 6 weeks PP (2) - with newborn baby
  • Must be willing to sign a model photo release
  • Must be able to follow clothing suggestions